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Google Business Profile is the single most important source of leads and phone calls within the healthcare sector. According to our data, 40% of phone calls to care homes are generated through Google Business Profile.

When potential customers are looking for a care home, the first thing they’ll typically do is search for the term “care home” along with the location, such as “Care Home Sevenoaks.” Your care home will appear on Google maps with your Google review scores along with competing sites.

Mediahawk the importance of Google Business Profile

Your prospect will then look at all the care homes in that area and their Google scores. They’ll identify one or two homes that look of interest and then either pick up the phone to call the care home or click through to the website.

The process might seem obvious, but it’s because it highlights three key areas that you can influence and control:

  • Your Google review score – care homes should aim to have a Google review score above 4.5 stars, as anything below 4 stars can deter potential customers. It goes without saying that the more positive reviews you have, the greater the benefit will be for your home.

  • The number of visits generated – your Google Business Profile can generate up to 10% of traffic to your website, but some marketers may not realise this as it’s counted as organic traffic. To distinguish Google Business Profile traffic from natural search traffic, you simply need to add the source, medium, and campaign tags to your website URL on your listing.

  • The calls you receive – tracking phone calls from your Google Business Profile listing is important to understand call volumes. Use call tracking with a unique static number for each profile and a dynamic phone number on your website for deeper insight into calls. 

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