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Building on longstanding partnerships with International Universities and Industry partners, IIHS offers impressive capacity to deliver social caregivers and nurses to employers all across the world. We are foremost a university and training organisation – not an agency – and working with us delivers myriad benefits. They include significant cost savings over recruitment via agencies, but also the confidence that you’re sourcing labour requirements in a tight market ethically and sustainably.

Nurses and caregivers are the beneficiaries of world class curriculum – notably Coventry University’s and excellent English standards. And our partners enjoy considerable cost savings over local and international agencies. We are currently welcoming new industry partners. Join the NHS (UK), Care England and experience how Sri Lankan and other regional healthcare and care graduates can make an enormous difference to your health and caregiving capacity.


Phone Number:  +94 114 651 144

E-mail: darshana@iihsciences.edu.lk


Telephone: +94 114 651 144

Website: IIUS Multiversity