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The use of an immersive cycling technology has been shown to increase levels of physical activity and reduce feelings of pain, anxiety and depression in elderly people.

The report, by Sport England and Motitech found that using the virtual cycling technology, “Motiview”, led to 24% of participating care home residents moving from inactive to active during a three month period and a 14% improvement in ‘general state of health’. The resulting increase in physical, cognitive and social activity drove significant reductions in anxiety, depression and pain, as well as increased independence.

The intervention was also found to have a significant impact on care home staff, with team members reporting feeling much more motivated in their job and believing that the activity sessions had enhanced the staff environment.

As well as the study findings, the report also contained cost and benefits analyses, with the authors calculating a Return On Investment (ROI) of £31.50 for every £1 spent. In terms of benefits, with NICE using a threshold of £20,000 to £30,000 per Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY) for technology appraisals, conservative calculations that incorporated all up-front costs rather than spreading them over a period of time, revealed that the Motiview achieved a cost per QALY of just £5,635.

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