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As providers of insurance and risk management solutions to the social care sector for forty years, Towergate Insurance understand how difficult the last 18 months have been for health and social care providers, with the tightening of Insurers’ underwriting requirements across the sector, together with the obvious problems and risks raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Insurers that offer cover to the care sector, are beginning to apply significantly increased premiums and conditions to premises that are considered non-standard construction, such as homes with cladding, flat roofs and timber framed constructions. Because timber constructions burn with an increased heat release, they are extremely difficult to extinguish and are often unable to be saved, making fire a significant risk for insurers. This in turn, has a negative effect on insurers’ losses, which they base rating and capacity on.

Rises in premiums across the market
We are seeing the premiums for such premises increasing in excess of 100% from last year, with insurers sometimes only offering cover for 50%, or less, of the premises, meaning brokers are having to source cover from other insurers, to make up the 100% protection required.  We are also seeing the requirement for increased excess for non-standard constructions, typically ¬£5,000 for claims for damage to the premises, and a further requirement beginning to emerge of approved fire suppression systems for the kitchen, which can typically cost thousands of pounds to install.

This is an ever-evolving situation, and some insurers may be more likely to apply this approach far more regularly than others. At Towergate, we work closely with a range of specialist markets, so we are likely to have options and solutions that we can discuss with you, should you be affected by this.

How we can assist your business

We hope that you find this general guidance of use. However, there will, no doubt, be times when more specific guidance is required for your care home, and we will be pleased to assist you when it comes to arranging your insurance.
To find out more, please contact Carolyn Baker-Mellor on 07940 447532 or email carolyn.baker-mellor@towergate.co.uk