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Letter: Adult Social Care: Updated Infection Prevention and Control guidance and new COVID-19 supplement – 30 March 2022

Fresh air in care homes document (DHSC) – 27 January 2022
Fresh air is an important measure to help reduce the transmission of Covid-19 in indoor settings. This explainer lays out four ways to identify and improve poor ventilation, including the use of CO2 monitors and air cleaners. Efforts to improve ventilation sit alongside other infection, prevention and control measures and are not a replacement for them.

Local flexibility in supporting social care settings – letter – 24 December 2021
Summary of existing guidance on the restriction of staff movement across the adult social care sector.

Restricting workforce movement between care homes and other care settings – guidance
Published 1 March 2021 | Last updated 23 November 2021, 
Guidance for care home providers on limiting staff movement between settings in all but exceptional circumstances to help reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

Adult social care extension to Infection Control and Testing Fund 2021 – Guidance
Published updated: 12 July 2021 Last updated 26 October 2021 — 

Sets out the measures that the extension to the Infection Control and Testing Fund supports, including distribution of funds, conditions and reporting requirements.

Hospital discharge service: policy and operating model – guidance

Published 21 August 2020 | Last updated 19 October 2021 — see all updates
Sets out how health and care systems should support the safe and timely discharge of people who no longer need to stay in hospital.

Hospital Discharge and Community Support FAQs – Version 2 – October 2021

Clear mask and transparent update from DHSC innovations team

Sets out the latest updates for PPE masks – 8 October 2021

DHSC Designated Settings Letter Update – 30 September 2021
Sets out the latest updates for designated settings following the ICF extension

COVID-19: infection prevention and control (IPC) – guidance 

Published 10 January 2020 | Last updated 29 September 2021 — see all updates
Guidance on infection prevention and control for COVID-19. Sustained community transmission is occurring across the UK.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): admission and care of people in care homes –guidance

Published 2 April 2020 | Last updated 17 August 2021 — see all updates
How to protect care home residents and staff during the coronavirus outbreak.

DHSC letter to providers regarding self-isolation – 17 August 2021

Q&A document on updated adult social care guidance from 16th August 2021

DHSC letter to adult social care staff on self-isolation (UPDATED) – Letter (26 July 2021)
Sets out how and when adult social care staff have the option to attend work rather than self-isolate following the change of guidance on 19 July 2021.

Q&A on self-isolation exemption for adult social care staff – Q&A – (26 July 2021)
Following the change of guidance on 19 July 2021, this document sets out important Q&As regarding the option to attend work rather than self-isolate.

COVID-19: cleaning of non-healthcare settings outside the home – guidance Published 26 February 2020 | Last updated 19 July 2021 + show all updates

Hospital Discharge – current policy, future strategy, and the help and support needed from care sector voices 

NHSE/I presentation – 16 June 2021

Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund – round 2guidance Published 1 October 2020 | Last updated 15 June 2021 — see all updates
Government guidance sets out the infection control measures that the new infection control fund will support, including information on the distribution of funds and reporting requirements.

Designated settings for people discharged to a care home – guidance

Published 16 December 2020 | Last updated 17 May 2021 — see all updates
Guidance on the designated settings scheme for people discharged from hospital to a care home with a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) test.

Adult Social Care Infection Control and Testing Fund – guidance 

Published 29 March 2021 | Last updated: 8 April 2021 — 
Sets out the measures that the new Infection Control and Testing Fund will support, including distribution of funds, conditions on funds and reporting requirements.

Vivaldi 2: coronavirus (COVID-19) reinfections in care homes study report  6 May 2021
This study provides a summary of reinfection following a sample study of residents and staff in care homes.

Vivaldi study: privacy notice – guidance
Published 28 January 2021 | Last updated:24 March 2021, 
Privacy notice for participants in the Vivaldi study

Infections and outbreaks in care homes: Vivaldi Study 1 – October 2020
The VIVALDI-1 survey was set up before Capacity Tracker was widely used. It collected information on the number of staff and residents in each care home and the number of confirmed COVID-19 infections.

Designated settings for people with COVID-19 leaving hospital – CQC – 28 April 2021

CQC is continuing to work with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), local authorities and individual care providers to provide assurance of safe and high-quality care in designated settings, which are part of a scheme to allow people with a COVID-positive test result to be discharged safely from hospitals.

Letter from Helen Whately regarding the Infection Control and Testing Fund – 01 April 2021 – HW Letter – 01:04.pdf

Designated setting letter from Tom Surrey, Director, Adult Social Care, DHSC – 01 April 2021

COVID-19 Hospital discharge and support care funding (2020/21) – letter 10 March 2021

This letter provides an update to health and social care systems on funding of post-discharge support for the remainder of the 2020/21 financial year.

Discharge to Designated Settings / Care Homes – Frequently Asked Questions 25 February 2021

Designated Settings Indemnity Support (DSIS)

Please find here a briefing for Local Authorities and local partners on the Designated Settings Indemnity Support. This briefing sets out how the support will operate in practice.

Please see here for a helpful flow diagram of how the DSIS will operate at a local level.
Further information about DSIS is on the NHSR website.

NHSR has published some frequently asked questions about the Designated Settings Indemnity Support here.


This document is based on guidance available on the date of issue. Download document

How care homes managed infection prevention and control during the coronavirus pandemic 2020 – CQC report 18.11.2020
This report sets out what CQC found when they looked at IPC across 440 care home inspections in August and at the beginning of September 2020.

Designation scheme FAQ document  10.11.2020
Please find below a link to the Designation Scheme FAQ document from DHSC. This document provides additional information and clarification building on the information already set out in the 13th October letter.

Infection Prevention and Control information gathering tool – 05 October 2020 – CQC

CQC’s inspection teams have been using an information gathering tool to look at how well staff and people living in care homes are protected by infection and control. They have recently completed some work making small changes to the questions so that they collect better information. Changes are highlighted in red on this PDF.

Infection Control Fund 2 – letter to providers from Helen Whately 01.10.2020
Letter from Helen Whatley, Minister of State for care MP regarding the second ICF fund worth £546m available for infection control expenditure until March 2021.