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A clean and efficient healthcare environment is of vital importance and not only enhances the quality of life for the resident but also the quality of care given. Renray Healthcare has recently introduced a new, innovative mattress called Noodles across all care sectors including acute Trusts, large care home groups and community equipment stores – and it seems set to revolutionise pressure care.

The Noodles Technology mattress range is a fully cleanable and recyclable zoned pressure redistribution system with enhanced microclimate. It is designed to address the challenges of those individuals that are bed bound, those that are clinically at risk of developing Pressure injuries, have existing tissue damage or those that have moisture associated skin damage. Noodles is a non-powered system so does not have to be set up like a traditional air mattresses or powered hybrid system, without compromising the clinical effectiveness of the system. Noodles is also, more environmentally friendly than all foam and air mattresses. As well as having an extended life span and being easier to clean it has been shown to save nurse’s and carer’s time significantly, when putting the Noodles mattress into use. This means that more direct care can be given to the patient/resident.

“A total of 150 noodles mattresses were purchased as part of a bed management contract spanning 7 years. The noodles were chosen for a specific cohort of patients who have pre-existing pressure damage and would normally be nursed on a traditional dynamic system. As the noodles mattress can be used on patients ranging from ‘at-risk to ‘very high risk’ the mattress can be socially cleansed between each patient, negating the need to remove the entire dynamic system for each individual patient. This in turn allows the care-giver more time with the patient, and reduces the manual handling risks involved with moving heavy equipment.” Louise Savine Lead Tissue Viability Nurse Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trustospitals.

The Noodle Technology offers improved micro-climate from the exceptional Moisture Vapour Permeability (MVP) rates delivered by the open Noodles structure and mattress cover. This design reduces micro-climate humidity by 54% and temperature by 17% due to open Noodles structure and vapour permeable cover. As the mattress is fully recyclable, the technology improves carbon footprint and offers improved infection control from its easy-to-clean benefits. Most foam care mattresses are committed to landfill after the cover being breached. The Noodles offers enhanced patient/resident comfort and pressure area care, zoning in on an all-body support, emersion and excellent pressure reduction in both lying flat and profiled positioning.

Noodles mattresses are designed with three individual pressure zones for increased protection and reduced risk of pressure ulcers. Each mattress is composed of two pieces of Noodles material, a lower U-shaped section and an upper zoned section. The three zones; edge zone, body zone, and heel zone, provide stable support across the whole length of the mattress enabling the resident to sit on the side of the bed prior to mobilisation or transfer activities. The body zone delivers reduced interface pressures in both seated and lying positions. The top surface moves with the profiling of the bed to reduce friction and sheer, whilst the base remains static. The dedicated heel zone has a significantly reduced density to allow greater pressure redistribution and improved immersion at the foot section. This immersion, envelopes the heels increasing contact and reduces peak pressures in this vulnerable area.

“We use an individualised patient repositioning regime in accordance with the NICE CG179 (2004) guidelines, and the noodle mattresses have allowed us the freedom to continue with this. Patients have expressed how comfortable the noodles mattresses are, compared to their dynamic mattresses at home, and have even asked if they can take them home” Louise mentions.

Noodles provides a cost-effective solution with its longer life recyclable mattress that reduces replacement costs, contributes to the overall reduction of clinical waste and has enhanced sustainability which promote environmental savings and targets. “It is clinically effective, fully washable and kinder to our environment than current mattress solutions – revolutionising care mattresses as we know it,” stated Graham Gladwin Product Director at Renray Healthcare.

The mattress has been designed and tested in conjunction with extensive clinical trials by Renray Healthcare, resulting in a clinically proven mattress suitable for any healthcare setting. Its breathable design provides cushioning and improved comfort that is protected by a waterproof layer. Designed for the next generation of care, Noodles Technology provides many environmentally friendly benefits. Reducing disposal, landfill and replacement costs, Noodles Technology eliminates unnecessary manufacturing and transportation. Noodles mattresses can be cleaned in a variety of ways dependent on the environment. Care Homes can utilise wet rooms to clean the inner Noodles core, using a shower to clean and anti-bacterial spray to disinfect. In Hospitals, Noodles can be cleaned using hydrogen peroxide vapour, ultraviolet light or sodium hypochlorite solution. Community loan stores can pressure wash the Noodles core and use anti-bacterial spray to disinfect.

Mattress covers are designed for use in demanding healthcare environments, where safety and cleanliness are vital. Covers are wipeable, durable and resistant to abrasion with them also carrying waterproof, antifungal/antibacterial and stain repellent properties.

To find out more and to download the Noodles brochure click here… [https://mailchi.mp/renrayhealthcare.com/noodles

Noodles Banner 1280 x 377 0