Leecare is a global solution provider in the Aged Care sector with over 700+ homes being serviced across Australia, New Zealand and the entire Singapore market. We are actively starting to build a presence in the EMEA region. Since 1997 our aim has been enabling care following clinical best practice.

Leecare’s Platinum 5 is a single point of care, medication management, site operations and financial management system. It is further enhanced by a suite of Apps one of which caters specifically to residents and their families and another for care staff to use at the point of care. The system puts you in the driving seat of your site / multi-site operation.

Platinum 5’s single database structure, multi-device format capability along with clinical reporting functionality makes it the first choice when it comes to managing your operations and the lives of the residents that you care for. Speak to us today on how we can help you make your operations efficient and drive positive care outcomes.


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