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Expert advice from P&G Professional about the lessons learned over the past two years, reflecting on how to take proper precautions and provide confidence to guests

Trust is particularly important in the care industry because health and care in general involve an element of uncertainty and risk for the vulnerable person, who is reliant on the help of supportive care professionals.  pg logo 1 0

This is even more important given the challenges and difficulties over the last few years. Covid-19 has disproportionately affected the elderly, especially those in long-term care facilities.

What’s more, restrictions to lessen the impact of the virus on older adults have had adverse consequences such as increased social isolation due to separation from family members and loved ones, as well as challenges in getting basic care needs met.

After a challenging few years, care establishments should consider the following steps in order to improve and renew trust with their residents:

  • Competence and knowledge: care homes professionals must meet standards of safe and effective practice, including infection prevention and control (IPC) methods such as thorough cleaning and disinfecting regimes
  • Staffing: undertake regular training and, wherever possible, try to fill job vacancies
  • Ongoing support: residents and their families should be given a single point of contact for any questions or requests they may have
  • Continuity of care: always treat residents with dignity, respect and compassion

As part of its mission to help care establishments to thrive, trusted P&G Professional products help provide a clean and safe environment for residents and visitors. Brands such as Flash Professional and Fairy Professional require only simple training, saving staff precious time.

These trusted products allow care home residents and visitors to rest easy in the knowledge that cleanliness and hygiene are serious priorities for care providers.

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