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On this page, you can find documents to Care England members only and they are not for circulation to non-members and any external companies. For publicly available documents regarding vaccine and vaccination please go to our public, Vaccine page  

Webinar: Mandatory Vaccine U Turn Next Steps for Social Care Providers
(Care England and Anthony Collins solicitors)
4th February 2022
Please click here to download presentation from the webinar. 

Vaccination as a Condition of Deployment – Employment Law Summary Advice – 20 December 2021

Antony Collins solicitors have produced a a summary document that outlines employment law advice on vaccination as a condition of deployment (VCOD 2) in relation to people employed or engaged in an activity regulated by CQC.

NHSEI COVID-19 Care Home Providers Stakeholder Forum – Vaccine Delivery Programme – 16 November 2021
This slide deck gives key updates on vaccine and operational guidance. It also documents how care providers can get information on VDRS. VDRS is to be used when finding missing or incorrect vaccination records for people registered with a GP practice in England and vaccinated in England, Scotland or Wales.

NHSEI slides on adult social care front line staff eligibility for the covid-19 booster* (phase 3 of the rollout) – Document – 25 October 2021
*Please note that policy detailed within these slides may have now changed. This document is there for members to refer to when struggling to find information on the covid-19 booster rollout. For current policy, please visit the NHS. For any questions, please email lholmes@careengland.org.uk.

Resource document on staff vaccine refusal/hesitancy – resource document – Updated 15 April 2021
This document aims to give members a list of sources that they can share with their employees who are hesitant to take the vaccine. It also provides links to articles about legal advice around mandatory vaccination and letting staff go due to refusal.

Vaccine uptake in women of childbearing age slide deck – DHSC – Download Document – 5 May 2021

Care England Covid-19 vaccination questions sent to DHSC – download document – updated 29 March 2021

One of our members, Wellburn Care Homes, has shared their COVID-19 vaccine flyer to help demonstrate good practice when discussing vaccine hesitancy with employees.

*Please note this is not for sharing outside of Care England’s membership. 

SOCIAL CARE COVID-19 VACCINE Q&A – document updated 15/01/2021
This Q&A focuses specifically on questions which are most relevant to social care workers and residents/clients. It will be subject to change as and when new information becomes available about the vaccines.

COVID-19 Vaccination webinar for JCVI Cohort 2 – Frontline Social Care Workers – 12th January
Care England attended the ‘COVID-19 Vaccination webinar for JCVI Cohort 2 – Frontline Social Care Workers,’ webinar on 12th January. The webinar was produced to help prepare providers in the second cohort, homecare etc., for the vaccine rollout. The session aimed to create an understanding of SOP, standing operating procedure, for vaccines and the rollout. Click here to read summary. 

Preparing for Vaccination in Care Homes for older adults webinar 7th January 2021
Care England attended the ‘Preparing for Vaccination in Care Homes for older adults,’ webinar on 7th January. The webinar was produced to help prepare providers and other stakeholders for the vaccine rollout. Click here to read summary. 

Covid-19 Vaccination Update 04.12.2020
Please find a summary of a meeting held 04.12.2020 with DHSC concerning the roll out of the CV19 vaccine to care home staff and residents. We should say at the outset however that this is our summary and we await an official letter from DHSC for the sector today on next steps and it will be distributed to members when it becomes available.