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FOI Request re Min Max Fees paid for 2022/23  and April 2022 Average

FOI Response – May 23

Letter sent by council to all providers in respect to 2022/23 fee uplift, outlining approach to inflation, the decision regarding the uplift, and what the rates and/or percentage uplifts are. 

Letter in respect of Fee Approach for 2022-23, covering the: Fair Price for care – to explain why fees are below the LB benchmark for care costs and, why Nursing costs are equal or lower than Residential when FNC is removed – Nov 2021


Email Received after chasing on 23 Dec 21

COVID Funding & FOI Summary Document – Last Updated 14.06.21

April FOI sent to all LAs – Fee evidence 2020-2022 – April 2021

April FOI – Hammersmith & Fulham Response – May 2021

Follow up letter sent to all DASSs (re ¬£1.55bn) – 19 March 2021 Letter 

no response received yet

Letter sent to all DASSs on 2021/22 fees –  04 February 2021 Letter

Hammersmith & Fulham Council response 

Hammersmith and Fullham price bands 2020-21 (December 2020 FOI)