Working in partnership with Care England and its members, Mitigo offers care providers a high level of cyber and data security to protect you from loss of service user data, unlawful access to care planning data, financial fraud, service provision disruption and damage to your reputation.

Going beyond just technology, we assess the risk to your care service, make sure all sensitive data is secure, train your staff to be more cyber aware, and keep you secure and in control. All for a competitive fixed monthly cost.

“Cyber crime is a real threat to the sector and Mitigo, our cyber security partner, can provide managed affordable protection to care providers to counter the threat of cybercrime. The cost and disruption, loss of data, reputational risk, financial theft and regulatory action can seriously damage the business of any care provider.

“We are delighted to be working with Mitigo to provide specialist cybersecurity support to the care sector.” Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive, Care England

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