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Good nutrition and hydration play a critical role in the health and wellbeing of care home residents. However, ensuring residents receive the necessary nutrition and hydration is not always easy, especially when catering for residents with specialist nutrition dietary requirements.  Corporate logo October 2021 e1691586313699

This new FREE guide from apetito is packed with useful information and guidance for care homes, looking at best practice on catering for residents with dysphagia, dementia, and allergies, whilst maintaining high quality, delicious mealtimes.

The Guide to Catering for Specialist Diets in your Care Home also explores how Nightingale Hall, a 40-bed care home made serving residents safe, nutritious, specialist nutrition meals straightforward and achieved remarkable results.

Richard Woodward, General Manager for Care Homes, said the guide has been developed to give homes helpful advice and support.

“As a market leader in specialist nutrition meals, we want to use this guide to share the knowledge and expertise we’ve developed since the launch of our first texture modified range, over 13 years ago.

“We know catering for residents with specialist nutrition requirements can be a real challenge for care homes.

“This guide has been created to help you, and your care home, ensure residents with special dietary requirements are enjoying high-quality, nutritious meals, whilst still getting the nutrition and hydration they need.”

Get your FREE guide to catering for specialist diets: https://apetito.link/specialist-diets-guide

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