NAPA and My Home Life England have jointly published a new toolkit focused on enabling Activity Providers and Care Home Leaders to work well together in order to enhance wellbeing and community connectedness for their care setting.

The toolkit is free to access. It focuses on positive practice, building on what already works well and finding new ways to work towards shared goals. It has been co-created and developed with those working in care settings and features a range of resources including case studies, practical tools and reflection points.

As champions of the roles of Activity Provider and Care Home Leader, NAPA and My Home Life England have the privilege of connecting with people living and working in a wide range of care settings on a daily basis, seeing first-hand the hard work that goes into fostering caring, connected communities. Both organisations have the same vision for building positive, supportive working relationships in order to achieve better quality of life for all those connected to care settings. They have created this resource together to help realise that

The toolkit shares examples of positive practice alongside activities to help facilitate conversations between Activity Providers and Care Home Leaders. The aim is to help colleagues better understand each other and move forward together.

A free to watch webinar also compliments the toolkit. Colleagues from NAPA and My Home Life England discuss the toolkit and two sets of Care Home Leaders and Activity Providers share their experiences of positive working relationships and what works well.

Hilary Woodhead, Executive Director of NAPA, said:
NAPA supports the care sector to prioritise wellbeing and a good working relationship between the Activity Provider and the Care Home Leader is integral. This new resource shares positive practice and evidence of what works well, as well as providing opportunities to explore new ways of working to help relationships flourish.

Steph Thompson, Deputy Director of My Home Life England, added:
Every day My Home Life England hears stories of great leadership in action and examples of how team members, including Activity Providers, have an essential role in creating and developing positive cultures and community connections. We hope this new resource helps people to build on what’s already working well, and to recognise and reflect on the different roles people play in supporting a vision of wellbeing within a care setting.

Access the webinar here. 

Access the toolkit here.