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Richmond Psychosocial Foundation International

Richmond Psychosocial Foundation International

RPFI’s mission is to the most vulnerable. It is based on respect for the individual and on

the principles of the Therapeutic Community, whereby people with complex mental health or learning needs are helped (and help each other) to recover and re-enter society through programs of individual counselling and group activities, conducted by trained staff.

RPFI specializes in providing high quality support to its residents who have a range of complex emotional, mental health and learning disability needs in accordance with agreed standards for that specific service and the specific service user, the aim being to ensure the physical, social and emotional care and development of the service user within a therapeutic community environment, ultimately allowing the service user to re-integrate and re-socialize in the wider community whether living independently or within a supported/assisted living or a shared environment.

In achieving this aim RPFI ensures the existence in London of a group of differentiated Therapeutic Communities, operated for adults, adolescents, learning disabled clients and those with other problems such as substance abuse and/or personality disorder which can act also as training grounds for staff and as models to future providers. They would also reduce the pressure on mental health wards of hospitals and – by providing a bridge to the demands of independent living – would lead to a much better outcome.


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