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Salutem Healthcare (Clearwater Care/Pathways Care)

Salutem Healthcare (Clearwater Care/Pathways Care)

We provide specialist care and residential services for people with complex needs and severe learning disabilities. Our homes and care facilities are located throughout London, the South East and Midlands delivering levels of care designed to maximize people’s potential and independence.

At our core, we’re a team of people supporting people to live a life they love.

At Salutem we are proud to provide a range of care and support in our schoolsday centres, and residential homes for children and adults. Just like any family, we want the very best for the individuals we support. Our aim at Salutem Care and Education is to empower people to live a life they choose, regardless of the care and support they need.

Each individual we support at Salutem Care and Education has an opportunity to live their best life each and every day. We are proud to offer outstanding levels of care, support and education for each individual we support as part of our Salutem family.

Whether you are considering a residential home from home, a school to support SEN or physical disabilities, or an active day centre to support a loved one – our directory of services could offer what you need. Or perhaps you are a professional searching for the right provision for an individual in your area and would like to speak to our expert team. At Salutem we are here to help and listed to your individual care and education needs.

With over 125 services across England and Wales we are industry professionals in providing support and care. Salutem Care and Education is a blend of Ambito Care, Pathways Care, Modus Care, and Clearwater Care. Each location at Salutem Care and Education has a local team supporting individuals to live a life they love every day. Each service is part of a supportive, national team who are dedicated to sharing best practise across the Salutem group. Our values are Supportive, Ambitious, Loyal, Transparent, Engaging and Meaningful and these underpin all we do, following the guidance of our expert leadership teamwho you can find out more about here.

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