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The shortage of care workers across the UK is well documented. Whilst the role of the care worker is extremely valuable and rewarding, many are put off by low pay and poor working conditions, all exacerbated by the pandemic. Age UK describes the care sector as quite simply ‘broken’.

Curam is the largest online source of care workers in Britain and is committed to creating a better care community. Already they have over 5000 vetted care workers using their platform. Their innovative technology allows them to pass on savings to care businesses and improve the lot of the care worker.  Critically, they also bring capacity and speed.

Curam carers are:

  • Pre-approved

  • Biometrically verified

  • DBS checked

  • Insured

A care business can post a job and arrange care in as little as 20 minutes.  This is highly valued as a source of last minute care or regular shifts by Local Authorities, NHS, Case Managers and Care Homes.

Founded 4 years ago, more than 1.5 million hours of care have now been delivered with Curam. It’s this technology that’s helping solve the fundamental problem in social care: the shortage of care workers and by implication, low care worker pay.  The reality of higher earnings has the effect of bringing people back to care and others who are new to care (25% of Curam’s approved base).  The care workers have on average over 10 years experience. Curam also provides carers with excess to a comprehensive benefits package including free training, online health support and sick page.

Curam has an excellent rating on Trustpilot and currently has over 200 5-star reviews from care workers and B2C clients.

Now that it has reached critical mass, Curam is expanding and has also developed a bespoke B2B portal specifically for businesses and public entities.  This saves businesses time and is an effective management tool.  They can post jobs, message care workers, receive invoices and automate secure payments. As well as giving choice and control to the care manager, the portal gives oversight and control to finance and HR departments.

This all comes at a reasonable cost, as Curam’s fees are the lowest in the sector, which is creating a virtuous circle where your business pays less but the carer is paid more. There are no sign-up or hidden fees and the client only pays for the care they receive.  After a strong period of growth, Curam has over 5,000 approved care workers nationwide and 80,000 more in the pipeline.

Curam is committed to improving social care in the UK and has recently partnered with the National Association of Carers and Support Workers (NACAS) sponsoring their training program as well as sponsoring The Alzheimer’s Society training hub.  As a result Curam offers free training to all care workers operating on the platform.

To find out how Curam can help with your care requirements please fill out the business enquiry form here.

Curam’s contact details:

Email: christopher@curamcare.com