What is SMART?

SMART is Care England’s Strategic Management Audit Repository Tool. The tool is free to use for all social care providers and acts as an aid memoir to support the management and regular review of all care services, and grants access to a myriad of support designed to bring down the cost of care and keep care providers informed and up to date with a raft of resources and guidance without charge.

How much does SMART cost?

The tool is free to assist all care providers with recording and reporting the quality of their services to support CQC inspections under the new Single Assessment Framework (2023) via SMART Quality. SMART ESG is also free helping to report against government environmental targets and social ambitions on top of governance and regulatory requirements which are becoming ever more evident in contracts with public commissioners. SMART ESG is designed to help care providers on their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) journey with over 150 areas where care providers can review their services and requirements, store data, and report performance.

The tool links to a tremendous array of free support materials via SMART Procurement offering discounts and free offers for care providers to save thousands of pounds to help assure future sustainability, along with ways to recruit and retain the best possible workforce. SMART Surveys is also free and allows care providers to solicit feedback from residents, families, and professionals securely.

How can SMART help with Care Service Administration and Recruitment?

SMART Admin enables the storage of sensitive resident data outside of care plans, which can be held in a secure easily retrievable organised system as opposed to the traditional administrator paper files. SMART HR is coming soon and will help care providers see the impact Managers and Nominated Individuals may have had on the overall CQC ratings they have been involved with. SMART Admin and SMART HR are subject to a small charge.

What else can SMART offer?

SMART is ever evolving and will offer assistance with Cyber Security, and link users to useful Publications, Care England Resources and Guidance, and our subscription service MINT Care England’s market intelligence information portal that exhibits a wide range of pertinent fee, financial and data from across both the older person and learning disability sectors through a simple searchable solution, for the use of care home providers to assist with fee negotiations.

SMART modules:


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SMART Modules

For more information please review the SMART brochure here: SMART Brochure 2023 

You can watch a demonstration of the system below: