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NHS COVID-19 app stats are published weekly here 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine adverse reactions – research and analysis

Published 5 February 2021 | 24 December 2021, 
A weekly report covering adverse reactions to approved COVID-19 vaccines

REACT-1 studies: monthly results – Collection 

Published:1 October 2020 | Last updated: 23 December 2021, Monthly results for the REACT-1 study of coronavirus transmission.

Adult social care in England, monthly statistics: May 2021 – Official Statistics

Published 13 May 2021 | Last updated 17 May 2021 ‚Äî 
Experimental statistics on a range of topics including infection control measures, coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations and testing for COVID-19 in adult social care settings.

Weekly statistics for NHS Test and Trace (England) – Transparency data

Experimental statistics from the NHS Test and Trace service and related documents.
All the weekly reports to date can be found on this page, along with additional information such as how the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) puts together the contact tracing data.

Evidence on the accuracy of lateral flow device testing – Research and analysis 23.12.2020

A summary of published research papers on lateral flow device (LFD) efficacy and preliminary findings from the evaluation of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) care home visitor testing pilot November 2020.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest insights – Official Statistics 11.12.2020
An interactive tool to explore the latest data and trends about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic from ONS and other sources.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Infographic Data website