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Target Fund Managers

Target Fund Managers

targetTarget Fund Managers is a specialist real estate investment firm in the UK healthcare sector offering tailored services to its client funds which invest in modern purpose build care homes complete with wet rooms, which we consider to be the appropriate facilities for care. To fulfil its investment manager role, the experienced team have been carefully selected and bring expertise in care homes, investing in real estate, and developing healthcare property and businesses.

With a track record of investment in the sector and many decades of operational knowledge, Target recognises the bespoke requirements of developers and operators and can assist with aspects such as funding for development; acquisition; at retiral, or refinancing. Each investment case is treated on its own individual merit alongside a robust diligence process. Only well-designed and modern homes built to the highest calibre with ensuite wet rooms facilities, make it on to Target’s portfolio. Target is an Engaged Landlord, bringing sector expertise and best practice knowledge to its operating tenants supplemented by regular onsite property visits.

The careful selection of investment properties and partners along with post-acquisition ongoing tenant engagement is captured in Targets ethos ofInvesting in Care, Delivering returns.

Email: info@targetfundmanagers.com