A £2,000 pay rise for the cost of a coffee and a cookie!




terryberryOne of the biggest problems being faced in the care sector today is attracting and retaining staff. Terryberry are working with care providers to combat this issue and engage staff, creating a more positive culture and ultimately, making a more attractive place of work that will bring in new workers and retain good staff for the cost of a cup of coffee and a cookie.

One challenge that was causing employees to leave care businesses, or deterring them from the sector altogether, is Carer pay. We are currently experiencing a cost-of-living crisis, where employees are struggling to pay their bills, and employers are struggling to match pay rises with inflation, especially in the care sector. That’s where Terryberry are looking to help with their Employee Benefits platform as part of their Engagement offering.

Terryberry’s Employee Engagement Platform is a single hub with everything you need to build an effective employee recognition program in your organisation, including Milestone & Service Awards, Employee Benefits, Social Recognition and Engagement, Wellbeing and Feedback & Engagement.

Terryberrys Employee Benefits platform allows care employees to save an average of £2,000 per year through the use of their offers and discounts site, as well as offering free advice and support on topics such as Nutrition, Fitness, Financial Wellbeing and Mindfulness. Additionally to this, employers can add other benefits such as salary sacrifice, EAP and GP Helplines and solutions to allow access to salary earlier through Salary Finance or Wagestream.

Get in touch today at https://www.terryberry.com/lp/care-england/ and receive a 10% discount on your annual platform as a Care England member, or 5% as a non-member.