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‘Lunch With’ apetito, Care England and Forest Healthcare

Learn about navigating dysphagia in a care setting

apetito has just launched the must watch fourth episode of its ‘Lunch With’ webinar series.  Registration has opened for guests to join the team for a session on how to navigate swallowing difficulties (a condition more commonly known as dysphagia) in a care setting.

Now’s the chance to learn from experts and expand your knowledge on the importance of following best practice when it comes to catering for residents who may be living with this condition.  It’s estimated that up to 75% of care home residents live with dysphagia, so the theme is very relevant to the majority of care homes.

Clare Hunt from the apetito Care Homes team is joined by Professor Martin Green OBE, CEO of Care England and Dementia Champion for the Department of Health and Social Care, Amanda Scott, CEO of Forest Healthcare and apetito dietitian, Emily Stuart.

Together, they have an extremely informative and helpful conversation about the prevalence of dysphagia in care settings, the impact of the introduction of the IDDSI framework and how care homes can ensure they are providing residents with effective person-centred care.

Viewers can gain real insight into how the condition can impact residents’ nutritional intake and quality of life and get the opportunity to learn more about what can be done to empower staff when caring for residents with dysphagia.

The episode also covers the importance of offering a variety of texture-modified meals for residents and viewers will be able to learn more about apetito’s world-leading texture modified range, which offers over 300 delicious, safe dishes with no compromise on flavour, visual appeal and most importantly safety.

Richard Woodward, General Manager for Care Homes at apetito says:

“According to the Royal School of Speech and Language Therapists, 50-75% of residents in nursing homes have dysphagia[1], so it’s an extremely prevalent issue within the care sector. As one of the UK’s leading care home meals providers, we know how important it is to ensure residents with dysphagia are effectively and safely catered for.

“We’re delighted to have Martin and Amanda join Emily and Clare for a really vital discussion about the importance of effectively catering for dysphagia. Every resident should be able to dine with dignity and it is crucial that care homes are able ensure residents living with swallowing difficulties can enjoy mealtimes, whilst getting the nutrition they need.”

Register for free to get access to the Lunch With webinar from 11am on Wednesday 21st February: https://apetito.link/lunch-with

 [1] Royal Collage of Speech and Language Therapists (no date) Dysphagia and eating, drinking and swallowing needs overview. Available at: https://www.rcslt.org/speech-and-language-therapy/clinical-information/dysphagia/#:~:text=As%20dysphagia%20often%20happens%20at,head%20and%20neck%20cancer%20survivors (Accessed: 10 January 2024).

The latest episode of Lunch With