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Together with Music is a virtual, intergenerational campaign that will build connections between care homes, residents, older people and their local schools and youth groups.

Through music and the act of music making, we aim to raise awareness, establish strong networks and in turn, tackle loneliness, isolation and promote sustainable socialising for those most vulnerable especially, during the winter months when so many are feeling isolated, depressed and disconnected. This campaign will encourage community partnerships and empower care staff, teachers and community members to play an active role in their neighbourhoods. Through connection and collaboration, we will build strong, creative and resilient communities, whilst offering both the young and the old opportunities to explore, develop and come together with music. It starts with a song!

Care England is partnering with Intergenerational Music Making in launching ‘Together with Music’, a virtual intergenerational initiative that easily links care homes and older people to young
people in the community through music. Music has the ability to connect, to transcend across age, race and background and to empower individuals to raise their voices Together with Music aims to:

  • Tackle loneliness and isolation through music
  • Create and empower strong, cohesive communities for the future
  • Encourage collaboration and partnership working between sectors
  • Improve the mental health and wellbeing of both generations
  • Build a thriving network built upon musical connection
  • Improve lives of those living with dementia through music and connection
  • Repositioning care homes as an integral and innovative part of our communities
  • Care homes taking the lead in embedding and establishing cultural community hubs.


Step 1: Register your organisation and become a TwM member!

Step 2: Await your membership approval and introduction email from your TwM Connector.

Step 3: Access your profile and share your song!



For more information contact: hello@togetherwithmusic.org.uk