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Arrangements for visiting out of the care home - guidance 
Published 1 December 2020 | 15 July 2021, Sets out how care homes can support residents of working age on visits outside of the care home.

Visiting arrangements in care homes -  guidance 
Published 22 July 2020 | 21 June 2021, Sets out how care homes can support families and visitors to visit residents.

Supported living services during coronavirus (COVID-19) - guidance 
Published 6 August 2020 | Last updated 18 June 2021, Guidance for providers of supported living settings.

Care England - Statement of Guiding Principles - The need for decision-making principles 
Updated 01 March 2021
Please click here to download document.

DoLS visiting updates to MCA and DoLS pandemic guidance - guidance 

Published 9 April 2020 | Last updated 27 April 2021 — see all updates
Guidance for health and social care staff who are caring for, or treating, a person who lacks the relevant mental capacity.

Visitors' protocol - CPA briefing for care providers Updated 23 December 2020

CQC on visits to care homes - bulletin 15.10.2020
Follow Government guidance but "discuss visitation as part of individual care plans"