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Please see below for an overview of the “ Next Steps to put People at the Heart of Care” that was published on 4 April.The Plan sets out how the Department of Health and Social Cre how they will build on the progress so far to implement the vision for care and support set out in the People at the Heart of Care White Paper. In essence, this two-year plan will look to further improve the social care sector. The plan is aimed at creating a narrative that despite the two-year delay to the charging reforms, the wider reform is still going ahead which was outlined in People at the Heart of Care. The Plan made two key omissions that were originally proposition with the White Paper:
  1. The first is the £500m pot of money to develop the workforce has been reduced to £250m.
  2. The second is the £300 million to integrate housing into local health and care strategies, with a focus on increasing the range of new supported housing options available, has not been reiterated.
There are five key priorities which will be outlined within the Plan:
  • Developing the workforce
  • Supporting people to remain independent at home
  • Supporting integration
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation and investment

A summary of the plan can be found here with the key dates and policy changes.