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Autism Awareness Training at Care Business Associate Training

What is Autism Awareness training?

Autism Awareness Training is designed to help those who know or work with someone with autism understand the condition better. In a professional setting, staff that are trained in autism care can provide a high level of specialist care and support to those with the condition.

Why is Autism Awareness training so important?

An Autism Awareness course provides individuals with the skills and knowledge they require to communicate effectively with someone with autism, which can have a significant positive impact on the mental health, well-being, and quality of life of those with autism.

Knowledge can help clear up misunderstandings or misconceptions about Autism, and promotes acceptance and inclusion in various settings.

The Government have now introduced a requirement for CQC registered service providers to ensure their employees receive learning disability and autism training appropriate to their role (Health Education England, 2022).

Who will find Autism Awareness training useful?

Here at CBAT, our Autism Training courses are popular with the friends and family of those with autism, to help them understand how people with autism experience the world a little better.

It is also a very important qualification for anyone that cares for someone with autism in the health and social care, or education sector.

Autism and Sensory Training with CBAT

Here at CBAT, we run professional Autism Training courses which are run by qualified experts with plenty of practical experience working in the health and social care sector and are suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about providing effective support for those with autism.

Book a place on our Autism and Sensory Training open course online at https://cbassociatetraining.co.uk/course/autism-and-sensory-overview-masterclass/ or find out more information about our organisational courses by speaking to our team at 01772 816 922 / admin@cba-training.co.uk.