1. Maintaining Activities for Older Adults during COVID19

A guide to online resources for staff in older adult mental health wards and care homes and any other relevant setting. 

1. Mouthcare for patients with COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19

Supporting seriously ill patients’ mouthcare is an important part of overall patient care. If oral hygiene is neglected, the mouth rapidly becomes dry and sore.

A guide for employers

Training for safer medication (12 page)

Fix Dementia Care - NHS & Care Homes

Fix Dementia Care: NHS and Care Homes marks the second phase of an Alzheimer’s Society campaign looking at the experiences of people with dementia in a range of health and care settings.


Making the best use of medicines across all care settings (28 page).

Homely remedies guide

For local adaptation to fit within individual care home medication policies (24 page).