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Person Centred Software, a leading provider of digital care management systems, was one of the first dedicated electronic care systems used in care homes to launch integration with NHS Digital’s GP Connect html product.

In February 2021, PCS launched its GP Connect integration to customers via their digital care system, Mobile Care Monitoring – the integration gave registered nurses at care homes secure and direct access to GP records and medical notes of those being cared for in real-time. This improved clinical decision making and facilitated better patient care and outcomes.

Data and technology that improves lives

Below are a few examples of the type of information made available through the digital care management system:

  • Encounters – e.g. hospital visits
  • Active problems and issues – e.g. diagnosis
  • Allergies and adverse reactions
  • Acute and repeat medication
  • Referrals
  • Observations – e.g. pulse, oxygen saturation
  • Immunisations

The key benefits of the integration with GP Connect

  • Allows authorised clinical staff to share and view GP records and medical notes quickly and efficiently
  • Access to real time information, as well as a clear picture of historic care for residents
  • Helps Health and Social Care providers to deliver the most safe and effective care
  • Improves clinical decision making

Here’s what our customers say:

”The key benefits of the integration with GP Connect is that our nurses now have access to real-time information as well as a clear picture of historic care for our residents. The vast amount of time saved by having instantaneous accessibility is beneficial for not only our nurses but for GPs too as we no longer need to call GPs for updates or information.”

Mike Armstrong, Managing Director at Havering Care Homes

“Prior to GP Connect, we couldn’t view patient records and we were completely reliant on receiving paper notification via the postal system, fax or a discharge letter. With GP Connect, accessing the record is instant, the time saving is immense! We are now aware of what medical conditions or issues people have and therefore can ensure that care is delivered most appropriately, this has made a real difference to obtaining important information promptly”.

Mark Shockledge, Senior General Manager at Cinnamon Care

“Before GP Connect, we didn’t have access to GP records, we had to request a printout of our residents’ patient summery record, which took several weeks to receive. With GP Connect, it’s much faster to receive patient records. Our nurses can now access information, prior to admission, to help formulate their care plans”.

Jayne Richardson RN, General Manager at Beechwood Place Nursing Home

“Through GP Connect, we can now access vaccine information needed for our records, so that we can set up Covid and flu vaccines, boosters etc – prior to this we had no information. Mobile Care Monitoring saves time for staff on all levels. The system has completely transformed the way they work”

Anne Ruttle, Home Manager at Eaton Court, Orchard Care Homes

‘We really love having the GP connect facility, we find it most helpful – it’s so much faster and now an integral part of our admission process. We have learned so much more about our residents due to having access to GP Connect, it really has revolutionised our documentation.”

Mr Phil Toomer-Smith, General Manager at Rushall Care Home

“We’ve found the software to be fantastic – the access to GP Patient records is instant, which saves an invaluable amount of time. It enables our care home to process admissions much quicker as the information is at hand, which is a great help for the hospitals, especially when they struggle for beds.”

Marinel Purdea, Deputy Manager at Aura Care Living

“With GP Connect we can view:

– Prescriptions and clarify dosages, particularly when directions on medication labels state ‘as directed by GP’

– New family members records to confirm their current and past medical history

– Specimen results and establish rationale for treatment/non-treatment

– Records for clarification of medication prescribed and dosages

– Whether referrals have been made

– Records and gain added clarity of situation for an individual

– Vaccination history and chase booster vaccines

Having access to GP Connect enables us to gain clarification and saves time from us having to phone GP surgeries, it’s easy to use and learn; reduces stress; facilitates teamwork and gives more time to care.”

Anita Astle MBE, Managing Director at Wren Hall Nursing Home

Person Centred Software is a UK-based global technology company that strives to drive outstanding care within the social care sector. Its app-based, icon-driven Mobile Care Monitoring system allows care home staff to digitally record the care of residents as it is given – saving every care worker an hour a day on paperwork and improving staff retention and care outcomes.

For more information about GP Connect and to find out how your nurses can securely access residents GP records click here and book a Demo or get in touch with the team: 01483 357 657