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How can care providers participate in the temporary worker agency tender for care providers?

On the back of the success of the Care England Energy Tender, Care England is partnering with Marr Procurement to launch an exceptional opportunity to take part in the largest temporary worker agency tender for care providers to secure competitive pricing for temporary labour by aggregating buying power across care providers. Agency spend represents a significant area for providers, who have experienced increasing demand and spiralling prices due to workforce pressures nationally as a result of the lack of government funding for adult social care. This initiative will offer participants the opportunity to:

  • Save up to 11% on agency spend (based on current spend levels*)
  • Deliver improved visibility and control overspend
  • Benefit from a contract and supplier management service from our trusted procurement partner, Marr Procurement
  • Cut the volume of temp agency hours AND the cost per hour which can lead to significant savings

The first round requires organisations who wish to participate, to have an annual agency spend of between £5m and £20m to be eligible.  Those with a lower spend will be able to participate in future rounds.

The first round of this aggregated tender opens on 4th May 2023. Participation will initially be limited to 10 care providers who express an interest to participate on a first-come-first-serve basis. The dates of subsequent rounds will be confirmed in due course along with details on how those with a lower spend can participate.

If you would like to lower your temporary agency costs and be included in this exclusive Care England tender, please register your interest (there is no obligation or cost at this stage) by clicking the following link before the 31st May 2023: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST LINK 

How will the temporary worker agency tender for care providers work?

On a first come-first serve basis, Marr Procurement will run a single aggregated temporary labour tender to leverage up to £200m of temporary agency spend for successful applicants in Round 1. This will involve an initial free-of-charge high level savings assessment to provide participants with an indicative quantum of savings that may be achievable. If you wish to proceed at this stage, Marr Procurement will engage the supply market on behalf of participants and invite interested suppliers to participate in the aggregated tender process.

Marr Procurement, with experience of tendering over £400m+ of agency expenditure, will also support you by sharing how over forty social care clients have already cut both their cost per temporary agency hour, and the volume of temporary agency hours.  Further insight into how Marr Procurement solve the problem that is temporary recruitment can be reviewed here.

Further details of how the tender will work, along with FAQs will follow to those registered.

*Indicative savings to be confirmed via the savings assessment exercise prior to issuing the tender.

If you have any immediate questions relating to the tender, please contact

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