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Following the success of the 2022-23 Care England Energy Tender, which saved millions for care providers, Care England has launched the second round to offer UK care providers the opportunity to secure the lowest possible energy prices for gas and electricity renewals between 2023 and 2026.  Those wishing to take part can register here: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST LINK


For the first gas and electricity energy tender in January 2023, we reviewed over 21,000 energy bills and delivered exceptional savings and more for care providers:

  • Energy savings of up to 36% over incumbent brokers and up to 27% lower than the same supplier book prices
  • Recovered more than £3.8m of VAT and CCL
  • Secured Free Gas Smart and Advanced Meters supporting the ability to monitor consumption and reduce energy usage and receive accurate invoicing
  • Used the combined energy consumption to access products not available to SMEs
  • Had credit rejections re-examined and preferential contracts offered which would normally be rejected
  • Gave access to platforms not accessible to all brokers to ensure the whole market’s lowest possible quote

Care providers with energy contracts that expire between now and 2026, who wish to participate in round two, to secure the lowest possible energy price available at their renewal date to benefit from support and solutions not available to individual organisations on their own, should register their interest by completing the expression of interest form above.  Provides will then be included in the Care England Energy Tender.  Feedback from participants of round one can be viewed here: FEEDBACK

How it works: 

It doesn’t matter when the energy contract expires before the end of 2026. Care England works to consolidate mains gas, LPG, and electricity usage to secure energy and additional services from energy suppliers at exceptional rates which could not be achieved by a care provider alone or via their current broker.  When the renewal is due, care providers will receive their renewal proposal based on the best possible deals available to them, which are aligned with their credit score, support requirements, energy usage, location and meter type etc.

Our partners ensure the correct rate of VAT, CCL, and energy relief discounts are applied and managed and VAT paperwork is resubmitted, and will help to recover any historic incorrect charges and will ensure care providers are not overcharged in the future.  Bills will be regularly reviewed, and a dedicated Director will be accessible to every provider by phone and email.

Most smaller care providers can purchase energy up to 9 months in advance, although due to market conditions, this is not always recommended.  Our partners will provide advice and guidance on when contracts are best placed to secure the lowest price energy for the future and offer options on the different contract lengths or contracting opportunities depending on how much energy you use.

We know many brokers like to sign up customers for 2- and 3-year commitments and have little or no contact during that period.  Most care providers rely on their broker’s advice and guidance and do not challenge the advice given.  We aim to change that and ensure that care providers are supported throughout the contract as needed to ensure they are not overcharged for energy, VAT, CCL, or the government’s energy relief and that current and future requirements and business changes are considered to ensure care providers are not restricted by hidden contracts clauses and undisclosed commissions.

We have seen energy costs come down significantly since the peak in the summer of 2022, and know some care providers signed up for multiyear agreements and are now locked into high-cost contracts.  If customers were encouraged to enter a fixed price energy supply contract with a term longer than 1 year during the last 12 months, we can review the contract and advise regarding their options.

Round one of the Care England Energy Tender proved to deliver exceptional value beyond what other brokers can achieve due to our aggregated buying power and our partner’s knowledge of the care sector.  To participate in round two, please express interest on the link at the top of the page.

If you have any questions relating to the Care England Energy Tender, please email rayres@careengland.org.uk.