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DHSC has shared two documents to help provide guidance for care providers in relation to energy.

Energy Supply and disruption in the ASC Sector – January Note
The first document has been developed by DHSC for reference to useful information regarding energy supply and disruption in the adult social care sector. The document discusses power outages and business continuity and supply prioritisation for gas and electricity.

Access the document here.

Energy Bill Relief Scheme: Guidance for care providers
The second document that has been shared, is guidance for care providers on the energy bill relief scheme. Care providers – as intermediaries – will be subject to different requirements based on how they provide and charge for heating, hot water and electricity to their end users, i.e. their residents:

1) Intermediaries supplying a product (or service) where contractually a component of the price relates directly to the cost of electricity and/or gas.

2) Intermediaries supplying and charging for the supply of heating and/or hot water to premises through a heat network. In most cases, this will be the body with a heat supply contract or equivalent with the consumer.

Access the document here.