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Making the most of digital for your care business ahead of the Government March 2025 deadline


7th November 2023    
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Presenters:  (please review the slide deck for contact details)

Suneel Gupta | Suneel.gupta@rsmuk.com | Head of Private Healthcare
Sarah Belsham | Sarah.Belsham@rsmuk.com | Data, Analytics and Insights Partner
Steve Snaith | steven.snaith@rsmuk.com | Technology Risk Assurance Partner
Alex Good | alex.good@rsmuk.com | Digital and Data Advisory Director


Digital, data and cyber in the care sector

Digital transformation is a key priority for the health and care sector, with the government’s stated deadline of March 2025 in their digital plan for health and social care. There are wide ranging and evolving risks and pressures within the care sector around digital and data including:

Digitalisation and data management

  • Digital system inefficiencies lead to staff frustration and attrition and reduce time for care delivery.
  • Business leaders need to access timely and accurate data to make the right decisions.
  • There are inherent risks around data sharing with other localities, supply chain and third parties.
  • The need to reduce your carbon footprint and save costs.

Cyber security 

  • Health and social care is the second highest sector likely to hold personal identifiable information.
  • Ransomware, phishing and malware are key tools for hackers to access healthcare records.
  • Over 81% of UK healthcare organisations suffered a ransomware attack in 2022.

Join our webinar to learn more about how to tackle these issues:

Making the most of digital for your care business

In this webinar, we discuss how digital transformation can enhance your care business and be central to achieving your strategic objectives. We examine the following:

  • The importance of a digital strategy;
  • Driving value from your data;
  • Cyber security.


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