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This page highlights information regarding the Pan-London AQP Framework. You can access a PDF leaflet of the following content here.


What is the Pan-London AQP Framework

Picture5 icbAn AQP is a procurement model that allows Commissioners to choose from a range of providers, all of whom meet NHS quality and pricing standards. The contract is centrally managed by the London Purchased Healthcare Team (LPH). The contract specification has been collaboratively co-developed with providers, and LPH regularly hold forums with providers to gather feedback on changes to the specification. ICBs use the NH AQP as their primary route of commissioning, and look to commission as much activity through the AQP as possible.


What services qualify for the AQP Framework?

Services that provide nursing care within a care home setting qualify for the AQP Framework. Any Service User (SU) eligible for CHC or commissioned by the ICB through a discharge to assess process is within the scope NH AQP contract. This includes Fast Track and End of Life Care placements.

The AQP does not cover placements for SUs who require mechanical ventilation or whose needs are primarily related to learning disabilities.


Do all my beds need to sign up to the framework?

No. A care provider does not have to make all their beds available to the AQP Framework.


What is the current AQP rate?

The AQP Standard Weekly Rate for 2023/24 is £1,140 per week. Occasionally, service users needs fall outside the scope of the care covered by the Standard Weekly Rate. In this case, Additional Care (AC) can be requested by the provider using an AC request form. AC is charged at an hourly rate and is added to the Standard Weekly Rate. The AC rates are set out in the Contract Particulars.


What are the benefits of joining the AQP?

  • AQP homes are preferred providers for the ICBs
  • One contract with all London ICBs
  • Annual price reviews
  • Central support team
  • One standardised quality report for all ICBs


How to join the AQP?

To join the AQP providers need to apply during the next procurement. Providers who are interested in joining should contact LPH using the details below. You will then receive updates about details of the next procurement as and when they are confirmed. You can access further details by contacting LPH.NursingHomesAQP@nhs.net