About Us

Care England, a registered charity, is the leading representative body for independent care services in England. 

Working on behalf of small, medium and large providers, Care England speaks with a single unified voice for both members and the whole care sector. Our membership includes organisations of varying types and sizes, amongst them single care homes, small local groups, national providers and not-for-profit voluntary organisations and associations. Between them they provide a variety of services for older people and those with long term conditions, learning disabilities or mental health problems.

Care England is committed to supporting a united, quality conscious, independent sector that offers real choice and value for money. Our aim is to create an environment in which care providers can continue to deliver and develop the high quality care that communities require and deserve. 

Care England Five Year Vision 

Following the publication of the NHS Five Year Forward View last year, Care England decided to produce its own vision for the next half a decade on how we as an organisation and a sector plan to deal with a number of issues facing the health and social care system. However, for change to take place across both the health and social care sectors, it will require action from healthcare leaders, as well as central and local government. Consequently, this Vision contains a number of asks that are needed in order for providers to continue to be in a position to sustainably deliver high quality care.                                                                             

Click here to download Five Year Vision publication

Care England Manifesto 2015 - Meeting the Needs of a Twenty-First Century Society

This manifesto sets out a number of ways in which we feel that the government that comes to power following May’s election can act to establish an outcomes based system of health and social care. 

We believe that the onus is on Government to encourage and deliver amongst other things: 

  • Genuine collaboration between providers and commissioners in which fees are agreed that will enable vulnerable individuals to be supported, with providers being enabled to financially reward staff for delivering high quality care. 
  • Partnership working between providers across health and social care. GPs should provide enhanced healthcare in care homes, and the NHS should take advantage of the increased capacity across the independent sector in times of service pressure.
  • Further support for innovation. The adult social care sector will need another 1 million employees within the next decade, and such a huge increase will require investment from Government that supports provider-led innovation that maximises productivity. In addition to this, Government can add care home nurses to the Shortage Occupation List, which would ease the nursing shortages currently being experienced across the sector.

Click here to download Care England Manifesto 2015

A National Voice for Care Providers

Care England is at the forefront of the national policy agenda and so we are ideally placed to put forward not just the views of our members but also those of the whole care sector.  Care England is represented on key government and regulatory policy groups and we receive copies of all relevant sector consultation documents. This allows us to provide updates on policy and development and feed the comments of our members into the consultation process. Our contacts in government, regulation and commissioning also mean that we are able to lobby and influence views at the highest level.

We have a wide range of contacts across national and local media for whom we are frequently the first point of call for sector information. In return we forward them a regular supply of pro-active news stories and views about the issues of the day.

Care England's vision for care services

Care England is working to promote and protect high standards for all care providers and users. Our vision is a future where:

  • The value of high quality independent care services is understood by all, not just service users and their families
  • Care services are properly funded  and state funding is at a level which meets the real costs of providing high quality care
  • Providers are respected, treated fairly and have a voice in the strategic direction of social and health care services
  • Users have choice and the flexibility to select the care that best suits their requirements
  • Independent sector staff have appropriate training, fair pay and career structures in place

Delivering for you 

‘Delivering for you’ contains a summary of Care England activities during the last year. It demonstrates not only our commitment to raising the profile of the sector, but also our efforts to obtain adequate funding and ensure a continuing high quality of care. Download a copy below.