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Marr Procurement are the UK’s leading health and care sector procurement specialist

On 22 September, Care England hosted a webinar to provide information on domestic and international recruitment to help care providers explore opportunities they can take to support recruitment for their organisations, both internationally and domestically.

Skills for Care data highlights that vacancies within the adult social care sector have risen by 52%, with the sector currently dealing with 165,000 vacancies as well as the NHS facing an additional 140,000 vacancies. Workforce pressures continue to be one of the biggest matters affecting the sector and will only continue to persist if something is not done.

As part of Our Plan for Patients, Therese Coffey announced a £15m fund to support the international recruitment of care workers and the Department for Health and Social Care is working extensively to utilise this fund to accelerate international recruitment within the sector. However, workforce shortages will not be fixed internationally alone. Therefore, Care England has offered an insight into how you can use both domestic and international resources to alleviate pressures and to bolster your workforce.

Marr Procurement is the UK’s leading health and care sector procurement specialist and currently works with 42 care groups across the UK. It has to date sourced in excess of £1bn of goods and services care groups’ needs every day. With a team of 20 employees and Sir William Wells as Chairman (who has five decades of health and care experience), Marr Procurement delivers real savings without compromising on care or quality.

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